The Thirsty Topher

"What is a topher?"

Topher (n.): 1. Old English slang term hailing from around the time of Geoffrey Chaucer, referring to someone who worked hard, and played harder. 2. Basically everyone who works here.

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The Saga Begins...

Having been friends since before the dawn of the Internet, owners Ron DiDonato and Jason Perez, veterans and local legends in the Orlando service industry, and bartending communities, decided one night over a drink (or three) to open up a watering hole of their very own. They found a former storage unit hidden away in the warehouses of Ivanhoe Village, and literally carved out a place for themselves in the world.

...and from the ashes, a phoenix will rise.

Days before the bar was to celebrate its first anniversary, Ron and Jason received word that the land on which they had built the bar had been sold to developers, and that their lease would not be renewed. The warehouse district would be leveled in a year's time, making room for the Yard project that remains under construction today. On the night of November 10th, 2015, the original Thirsty Topher went out with one mother of a blowout, blowing every last keg in the building.


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Topher: Reborn

After a period of about three weeks, the new Thirsty Topher was unveiled, merely three streets down, and one street over from the former location, on the main drag of Barley Row, at the corner of Virginia, and Baltimore! The owners and staff had worked tirelessly, and meticulously to preserve the minimalist, rustic feel of their former home. (Those with a keen eye will notice that the tables inside the bar are made from the shingles from the front of the building that used to house the old Topher, and that the shingle bearing the bar's previous address hangs above the back door.) 


meet the tophers.



Ron loves craft beer, shotgunning hard water, and hates mayonnaise.



Jason may own a craft beer bar, but he will defend to the death his love of Bud Light Lime and paint chips.


Hayley Miller

She suffers from the “California Giggles” and LOVES the Macarena!

topher christian.jpg

Christian Culhane

Wish people made her feel the same way doggos do.


Tate L. Gabbert

What does the L stand for? I think you know..